EnrichHer Edition: Adventures With Mariah with Alysse Daniels

Personal Story

Alysse Daniels created Adventures With Mariah based on inspiration from her great-grandmother, Mariah Cutberth. Alysse is on the path to inspire children around the world to have the courage and to follow their dreams! 

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The original Mariah was born in the low country of South Georgia, outside of Savannah, in 1902. She was born poor and worked on a farm. From a young age, she dreamed of something better for herself and her future family. She wanted an opportunity for an education. So, at the young age of 15, in 1917, she migrated to Manhattan, New York by herself. When she arrived she joined the “Georgia Club”.    

In that age, a lot of African Americans migrated to the North from the South, in search of a better life. So, there were clubs in New York named after each southern state. Once you joined the club, you were a part of a new family, and you could eat some down-home fried chicken and drink some sweet tea!

Mariah was able to go to school and become a nurse’s aide.  She married and had one daughter (Alysse's grandmother, Alice). She made sure that Alice had a good education and numerous opportunities. Alice married and had three sons; Raymond,   Gordon and Ralph. One of her sons was Alysse's dad, Raymond! 

Raymond is also featured in Adventures with Mariah as Grandpa. Alysse's  dad has fond memories of his grandmother Mariah, he describes her as having “Fire in her Soul” and credits her for exposing him to wonderful events and activities in New York, including taking him to matches, events, and rallies to encourage African Americans to vote. 



     Alysse Daniels is a lifelong educator, serving 10+ years in a major urban school district, in numerous roles from the classroom to the district office. She was an elementary school teacher, an Instructional Technology Specialist and the Director of Instructional Technology, responsible for the technology integration in 100 schools.  Alysse has worked 10+ years for global education technology companies, responsible for the Elementary Education Strategy for North America.  She believes in the power of instructional technology to support improved student outcomes.  

     Alysse developed “Adventures with Mariah!” to positively impact historically underserved children and all children.  She resides in Atlanta with her three daughters.