EnrichHER Edition: Freeing Returns with Barbara Jones

Personal Story

We are 3 Women who are fighting Returns Fraud and Organized Retail Crime! Our CEO, Barbara Jones is a 16+ year Java Developer who specializes in building Point of Sale(POS) applications and is known in the Retail IT industry as a Subject Matter Expert for POS. Barbara has worked for many of the largest Retailers in the world. Her first job, fresh out of college was a for a POS startup company which was acquired by Oracle Corporation. With that acquisition, the POS that

Barbara worked on is now used by Retailers all around the world! Our COO, Lisette Rice is the former Director of Merchandising for The Home Depot and she has years of experience managing millions of dollars in Merchandise purchasing for one of the largest Retailers in the World. She brings her Merchandising expertise to Freeing Returns. Finally, our CTO, Charlotte Mattier is a Georgia Tech graduate with experience in Architecture and Design for Enterprise Point of Sale applications.


On this Enrich Her edition episode of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we are continuing our quest to highlight the most amazing women led enterprises within the city of Atlanta. Today we have Barbara Jones the founder of Freeing Returns, during our interview she tells us about how she’s disrupting the returns industry. Barbara has always been in retail, starting out as a cashier and then she began writing cash register software and noticed the issues retailers across the country and internationally have with fraud at the return. 

So she decided to disrupt that process, describing it as antiquated’, in her words We have been doing the same thing forever.Her idea is to make returns as easy as it is to buy, she hopes to achieve this by solving the problem of fraud for the retailer so they can make the process easy for customers. Retailers can subscribe to their service and allow Barbara and her team track returns and help retailers know who is fraudulent.  

Barbara shares with us what has her excited about how she’s disrupting the returns industry. According to her: I can’t wait to be able to return things through my phone just like I can buy, Barbara says he’s excited about Freeing Returns because it will free her life up and everyone else’s. Success for Barbara is getting her application out to the masses and help retailers with the problem of fraud.  

She also hopes to impact Atlanta in a major way with her sights set on multiple retail businesses in the area. Our interview ends with Barbara telling us what we can all do to help support the fight for Freeing Returns. 

Roshawnna and Mia Martin discuss: 
[00:43] Barbara tells us more about how she’s disrupting the return industry.
[02:24] We get to learn what has got Barbara fired up about how she’s disrupting the returns industry. 
[03:04] Barbara discusses future Freeing Returns team up plans. 
[03:24] Barbara tells us what success in Freeing Returns looks like for her. 
[04:04] Barbara talks about how she can impact Atlanta in a major way. 
[05:35] Barbara shares what all of us can do to help make Freeing Returns a success


Barbara Jones is the Founder/CEO of Lillii RNB Inc, a Retail IT Consultancy and Freeing Returns Inc, a Merchandise Returns Disrupter Tech Startup. Barbara Jones is a Tehnical Founder and 20 year Java Coder/Architect in the niche field of Retail IT at the Point of Sale. Barbara holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin and has lived in Atlanta, GA for over 10 years now. Barbara loves Technology and trains Women and Minorities in the niche field of Retail IT. Barbara has been an entrepreneur for close to 20 years.