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Personal Story

He graduated from the University of Georgia and started his first business from his college apartment. After pitching his company 725 times over 8 months, he was finally able to raise the capital he needed to expand his business. Now Chris is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host and mentor.

How we Met

I joined Chris Harris for his Entrepreneur Hour podcast. We discussed making better financial decisions and mindfulness. We also touched on my brand, my book and all of my other projects. Also, I learned about Chris' ups and downs with raising capital. The full episode is below and you can check out Chris over at

Show NOtes

As a highly motivated and highly successful person, Chris Michael Harris has amazing insights to share about the ideas, actions and belief systems that have gotten him to where he is today. 

Chris was made for entrepreneurship. His drive for more than a pay-by-the-hour job led him to follow a career path that isn’t for the faint of heart. Still, Chris believes that everyone has a talent that can be monetized. Those that haven’t used it yet may just lack the confidence to let it shine.

Chris has created a lifestyle around his work and his enthusiasm for his chosen career path is contagious. The insights gained in a listen to Roshawnna and Chris’ conversation would be hugely beneficial to the budding entrepreneur and successful business person alike!

Roshawnna and Chris discuss:

  • [2:30] Why Chris decided to become an entrepreneur and how things looked starting out for him.
  • [3:30] The importance of putting together a great team and a great game plan.
  • [4:30] How to deal with regrets as an entrepreneur.
  • [5:30] The importance of finding a great fit for yourself and your talents and how you’ll know when you’re there.
  • [6:30] Chris’ belief in the importance of ‘gut feeling’ for entrepreneurship.
  • [9:00] Chris explains that allowing mentorship in to his life has been paramount to his success.
  • [10:00] Formal education was a huge boon to Chris’ career. Here he explains how and why.
  • [16:00] The difference between money and smart money and what it can mean for your business.
  • [19:30] Why you have to be committed to your ‘Why.’
  • [22:00] The importance of having a great team and how to put one together.
  • [33:00] Chris shares some book suggestions for varying stages in the startup process.
  • [34:30] Chris shares his regimen for maintaining both mental and physical


Chris Michael Harris is a prominent serial entrepreneur, podcast host and aspiring author/motivational speaker. 

Having founded his first business in college with his brother in their college apartment, the Harris brothers soon found their relocation/furniture installation business scaling to $1.2mm in revenue a mere 36 months later and conducting operations in 32 states across the country.

Chris is now involved with several exciting endeavors in a variety of industries. Chris is also the host of Entrepreneur Hour, a podcast that has trended as high as top 5 worldwide under New and Noteworthy on iTunes. The show aims to provide younger/early stage entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take command of their futures and live an empowered life of self-employment.

With his focus on leaving the world better off than he found it, Chris is passionate about service to others.