EnrichHER Edition: Patientory with Chrissa McFarlane

Personal Story

We have an experienced team to do this. Prior to starting Patientory I built the Insurance Guide product at Sherpaa Health a VC backed B2B company, as well as achieving notable international published healthcare research and over 10 years in the healthcare industry conducting research and leading teams. Clifford, Greg and Garnie have over 40 years combined experience building and growing security compliant technology companies.

Show Notes

Today on our Enrich Her edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we have the founder of Patientory. During our enlightening interview she talks about what inspired her to become and entrepreneur and how she came up with the idea for Patientory.

Born in Jamaica her parents immigrated to Atlanta when she was 3 years old where her parents started a restaurant business. According to her, “I knew I always wanted to help people and I excelled in the sciences and mathematics so I knew I always wanted to be a doctor.” She recounts an experience she had after filling in and babysitting for David Rockefeller in New York City which opened up to her the immense potential of entrepreneurship. She decided to learn more on what entrepreneurship was and how to utilize her passion for helping people, which led her to start Patientory.

With firm purpose she attended business school and ended up consulting for medical technology companies where she gained the experience needed to start her own business to help patients be more involved in their own health care on a platform with far reaching ramifications. She went on to tell us about exciting happenings at Patientory which include new partnerships and growth potential.

Being an entrepreneur comes with several challenges and she tells us about an obstacle she was faced with and how she was able to overcome and learn from it. According to her choosing the right people for her team for the best value when building the platform was a great challenge and eventually a learning experience. She also explains what our listeners and readers can do right now to make sure Patientory is a success.

Finally on the golden question of what success in Patientory looks like for her on a global scale she says: “being able to see patients engaged on the platform and use it to improve their quality of life”. With such drive and determination we know that she is going places.

Roshawnna and the founder of Patientory discuss:

[01:47] Chrissa tells us more about what brought her to entrepreneurship and how she came up with the idea for Patientory.

[03:30] Chrissa tells us about happenings at Patientory that has her excited.

[04:09] Being an entrepreneur means facing obstacles and she gives us examples of obstacles she has been able to overcome.

[04:50] Chrissa gives us tips on how we can make Patientory a success.

[05:18] Success is a relative term and she tells us what success means to her.


McFarlane is responsible for creating cutting-edge healthcare products that have transformed the face of healthcare delivery in the U.S. and abroad. the Atlanta native developed a chronic care and population health management solution that helps patients receive peer-to-peer and coordinated goal-directed care, while assisting healthcare organizations with the transition from volume to value based care. 

Patientory was founded as part of the inaugural class of the Boomtown Health-Tech Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado in spring 2016. Through its connection with the accelerator, the company collaborates with Denver-based Colorado Permanente Medical Group, which is part of the Oakland, California-based Kaiser Permanente system.

McFarlane received a Bachelor of Arts degree (double major in Africana Studies/Spanish and double minor in Latin American Studies/Global Health) from Cornell University, and a Master of Arts in Business Management with a concentration in marketing research and healthcare from the Wake Forest University's Babcock Graduate School of Business.