Inaugural Episode with Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Show Notes

Dr.Roshawnna Novellus, the co-founder of Bootstrap Capital, is also the founder of Startup Funding, a weekly podcast that features different experts in the field of finance, capital and other investment endeavors. Having a focus on entrepreneurs and investors, Dr. Novellus’ purpose is to use her knowledge, education and resources to give collative advice to entrepreneurs and raise their capital. The podcast’s main objective is to educate entrepreneurs, while giving them access to grow as a business and individuals. However, Dr. Novellus’ vision is different, but compassionate. “If I can do anything to make someone feel comfortable, I feel like I accomplished my mission on Earth,” Dr. Novellus explains.

            With a background as consultant in tech support affiliated with government agencies, one might not expect Dr. Novellus to wander down the path of financial assistance and even entrepreneurship. However, she has quite the extensive background in the field. At the age of 12, her mother took her to her first business meeting, via an investment club; an intensive portfolio was developed by 18; at 22, Dr. Novellus bought her first home; and finally, at 25, she was able to claim ownership for 3 homes. Having prior knowledge in the field of financial stability and success, it only came naturally for Dr. Novellus to gravitate towards entrepreneurship and the side of investors. “Many people have fear when it comes to financial literacy,” Dr. Novellus notes, remarking how her acquisition of skills early in life was the largest influence on her career changing decision.

            However, there were bumps in the road for this savvy entrepreneur. The first was ironically her first true encounter in entrepreneurship: she was attracted to an offer, given through a mutual contact. The sole requirement was to agree to be a partner in the business- immediately, Dr. Novellus was interested in the endeavor. Upon beginning her new position, she discovered the shocking truth- the calculations and actual “substance” behind the store was fraudulent and did not exist. There was a store front, but the actual business was not real. Dr. Novellus wanted to mend the situation but ended up leaving after discussing the conflict with her mother. “She told me, you will always be you,” she reminisced. Her encouraging words is what motivated Dr. Novellus to leave the business, and begin her own adventure into the field.

            Fast forward 4-5 years later, and now Dr. Novellus is leading a business that focuses on businesses and business owners acquiring their funding. In her opinion, her job is to be the laisse between the businesses and investors and educate both sides to find a mutual agreement. “Entrepreneurs are like every day people,” says Dr, Novellus. “They need resources, education, and connections. They need to have a plan as well. The reason why most businesses fail is a lack of cash flow.” The podcast is a way to inform entrepreneurs, who might not have many resources for equity in investments. Also, entrepreneurs might question what their exact financial capital is, which is the sole purpose of the podcast’s creation.

            Each week, a new guest will appear on the podcast and discuss topics with the audience on the topics of financial capital, acquiring new knowledge on the subject. At the same time, Bootstrap Capital will be in the conversation as well, offering advice and resources. “Everything I do is about helping entrepreneurs actualize their goals,” explains Dr. Novellus. Targeting communities, the main focus for the company is to close the gap between actual capital with businesses owners, especially those of color and who are women. Funding companies and offering opportunities like pitching competitions, Dr. Novellus remains confident that everyone will learn something from the podcasts, and audience members are more than welcome to contact her. “They are more like connecting fabric. Episodes last forever due to remaining on the Internet.”  



Roshawnna is on the leading edge of technology, finance, and ground breaking spiritual expertise and all rolled into one. Having difficulty understanding advancements in technology and how they improve financial organizations? Need assistance with focusing on tasks, mindfulness and being present? She is the ultimate guide to mastering finances, mindfulness, science, technology, and business intelligence. Her integrated background of travel, science, business, faith, and real world experience, makes her a one of a kind source to teach, motivate and inspire new age thinking. 

The future is not the collection of unique sets of skills but rather the integration of mind, body and faith, science and spirit to build a harmonious lifestyle. Dr. Novellus has mastered these skills and wants to share them with you. She bridges the gap between spiritual mindfulness and growth, intentional financial planning, and scientific predictability. You can eliminate the uncertainty in your life, by adopting this multi-faceted lifestyle management system. Eliminate insecurity, fear, instability, and the clutter in your life by recognizing that all the ingredients to financial, physical, emotional and spiritual health are accessible. Dr. Novellus will deliver the sheet music to play the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus helps clear the fog of finding balance within your finances, work, life and goals. She is better known as The Wealthy Yogi because of her agility and foresight in science, entrepreneurship, fitness, travel, and creativity. Dr. Novellus can share the valuable lessons from her personal life including being awarded over $600,000 through scholarships to pay for 11 years of higher education, being a real estate investor in her early 20’s, and developing a sense of peace surrounding money through yogic principals of mindfulness. Novellus is an Enrolled Agent that is federally licensed to represent and resolve high-level tax disputes. As a world traveler she has journeyed to over 50 countries and 5 continents, and became certified in yoga philosophy and instruction in Thailand.