EnricherHER Edition: Goodr Food Rescue with Jasmine Crowe


As the founder I have been working in the social impact field for over seven years and have over 15 years of hospitality experience. I have partnered with countless celebrities to create cause campaigns especially in the fight against hunger. I have engaged nearly 2,000 volunteers and been featured in major media outlets for my work. This is my passion, my team brings to the table a wealth of knowledge. Together we have a combined over 40 years of experience in are food insecurity, marketing, IT and development.


On this Enrich Her edition episode of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we are continuing our quest to highlight the most amazing women led enterprises within the city of Atlanta. Today we have Jasmine Crowe who is the CEO and founder of Goodr who tells us more about her company which is a food waste management company that leverages technology to fight hunger and food waste. Goodr has an app that allows donors to donate surplus food real time. 

This helps curb food waste and looking at the statistics that shows that one in seven people are hungry and for black kids that number can be as low as one in three, however on the other we waste 40% of the food we produce. With this statistics and seeing all of the food that was being wasted, Jasmine decided to do something that immediately allowed people to give food away to those who need it and could ultimately end hunger, in her words: Rescuing food. The Goodr app looks very similar to most taxi service apps with a 24 hour service and presents an economic opportunity for the city. 

Speaking about the liability implications of donating food Jasmine tells us more about how she gets around that by telling people not to be afraid to fight hunger and reminding them that they have nothing to lose. By establishing an automated system of food delivery involving several nonprofit organizations, Goodr is efficiently streamlining the delivery process. Jasmine is also planning to create a food hub for Goodr and explains what it takes to create one.  
Jasmine gets talking about her short term milestone and we also get to learn how Goodr is able to fulfill all of this awesome responsibilities and how we can help ensure that it becomes a success. 

Roshawnna and Mia Martin discuss: 
[00:48] Jasmine tells us more about Goodr and what she hopes to achieve with the business.
[02:05] Jasmine talks about her plan to end hunger by utilizing the Goodr app and rescuing food. 
[02:45] We get to learn the process Jasmine has come up with to solve the problem of liability when donating food. 
[04:05] Jasmine talks about future plans for Goodr which includes a food hub and more. 
[05:00] Here we learn what it takes to put together a food hub like Jasmine plans to. 
[06:01] Jasmine talks about the benefits Goodr brings to the city of Atlanta. 
[07:00] Jasmine gets talking about her short term milestone. 
[08:53] Jasmine tells us what we can do to help ensure that Goodr is a success in Atlanta. 


Compassionate, Zealous, Visionary and Inspiring are just a few of thewords that describe Jasmine Crowe, an HBCU alumna and MBA graduate who is working to make the world a better place one cause at a time. Jasmine’s goal is to foster change and create awareness about the leading socioeconomic issues and challenges of today, like poverty, education and hunger.
In 2011 she founded BlackCelebrityGiving.com (BCG) . The idea for the site came from the vivid awareness of a lack of media coverage for black celebritiesdoing positive things to impact our communities. BCG is frontier in providing content of celebrity philanthropy, nonprofit organizations and causes that directly correlate with the black community. Today lead by Jasmine, BCG has hosted activations in more than 20 US cities and the UK and Haiti and has has collected and donated over 2 million items to causes worldwide and fed over 40,000 people through the Sunday Soul Homeless feeding initiative.

She is the creator and executive producer of ChangeMakers a half hour docu-series profiling how celebrities use their star power for social change which premiered on Magic Johnson’s network ASPIRE! In October of 2016, she created Goodr, a real-time food rescue app with a goal to reduce food waste and eliminate hunger. Jasmine recently wrote her first children's book titled “Giving is Good” which teaches youth the importance of giving back and she plans to open Atlanta’s first stand alone soup kitchen in the fall!