Defy the Odds like Jason Crain



As Kansas City native he was prepared to take any step necessary to achieve his goals. A few years after graduating from Morehouse College, Jewel Burke contacted him about PartPic, and he was all in.

A short time later, they raised over $2 Million in investor capital and won 10 pitch competitions including Tech Crunch Disrupt, SXSW, Rise of the Rest and PowerMoves.Nola. Now, he’s the COO of Partpic, a visual recognition and machine learning company for industrial supplies.

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Jason and I met on LinkedIn. He reached out to me because of one of my articles on how to stay mindful while being an entrepreneur. We discussed the importance of attending yoga retreats and how balance increases efficiency.


Today’s episode of StartUp Funding with Dr. Roshawnna Novellus features Jason Crain who is a co-founder and COO of Partpic a visual search technology built for hardware based in Atlanta Georgia. The marketing and Spanish graduate turned technology entrepreneur serves on a number of boards including Scholar Made Charter Schools, Atlanta Dream Academy, and The Scholarship Academy.

Crain, a Kansas City native, discusses on how his experience working in various Technology firms set the tone for his entrepreneurial career, helping him realize the various opportunities available in the Technology industry.  He talks about the challenges of building a business and solving problems by know that the answers are not far away.

He goes on to talk about fear of the unknown sharing how he overcame that fear saying “it’s the unknown that has been the fuel for me” adding that “entrepreneurs are professional problem solvers.” “When you are confident about the business that you are building then it’s very easy to turn around the naysayers” is just a piece of Crain’s advice for potential entrepreneurs.

Crain shares advice on raising capital for start-ups using his experiences as a reference to encourage other to keep on being diligent. Other advice includes: making sure you need to raise capital, creating a well-researched investor’s diagram, and over-all, understanding the business entirely.

Crain reveals the best advice he has ever received and shows us how the power of an idea mixed with the drive and perseverance of steadfast motivation brings about success in one’s chosen field.

Roshawnna and Crain discuss:

  • [2:33] Crain talks about himself and what made him venture into entrepreneurship.
  • [4:36] What prevented lack of experience being an obstacle
  • [10:02] Stories on experiences where potential clients did not buy your idea
  • [12:04] How you know you are doing what you are meant to be doing right now
  • [22:49] Knowing when you are ready
  • [27:10] Jason gives us his take on raising capital
  • [31:07] Characteristics to look for when expanding your team
  • [34:05] Advice for other founders who want to raise capital
  • [39:24] On publicity and the fundraising process
  • [41:45] Best advice ever received
  • [44:27] Personal habits which contribute to success


Jason Crain is the co-founder and COO of Partpic. A visual search technology built for hardware based in Atlanta, GA. He serves on a number of boards, including Scholarmade Charter Schools, Atlanta Dream Academy, and The Scholarship Academy. He also serves as a partner for Movement KC a real estate development firm designed to battle gentrification in urban communities.