RYSE with Jay Jackson


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Jay experienced entrepreneurial success through real estate and his magazine publication in Florida. But something told him that he could help more people. He started meeting creatives at different conferences and networking events and discovered that many artists, do not have a platform to distribute their craft. So, he became lean. He downsized his home and sold his car so that he could make their dreams come true. Now he's on the verge of launching the RYSE platform globally.


I met Jay through a recommendation. He was ready to launch his inaugural edition of RYSE magazine in Atlanta. This magazine highlighted young trailblazers in the city. I was honored to be part of RYSE Magazine's debut.


Jay Jackson is an award winning entrepreneur and author with a proven track record in helping clients effectively reach and engage their target market in an authentic manner. 

A partial client list includes notable company's Pepsi, State Farm, ESPN, Walt Disney World, AT&T, TD Bank, BB&T Bank, Universal Studios, the Orlando Magic, Mercedes Benz and Walmart, among many other nationally recognized brands.

Jackson’s business accomplishments and experience have earned him recognition as: 

  • The 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year by the African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Journal’s 2010 Forty under Forty in Business. 
  • 2010 ONYX Award for Excellence in Business by the LBS Foundation. 
  • 2013 Black Business Beacon from the Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF) 
  • October 1st, 2011 Proclaimed 'RYSE Magazine' by the City of Orlando (Company he founded)
  • March 5th, 2015 Proclaimed 'Jay Jackson Day' by the City of Orlando

He is also a published author, whose book Cubicle to CEO – The BluePrint for starting your own business, shares with its readers, real life lessons on how to overcome obstacles and turn their passion into profit. 

SHOW Notes:

The passion that Jay Jackson brings to his multi-media platform, Ryze is impossible to ignore. In this discussion with Roshawnna, Jay speaks with pride about the work that RYSE has done and about what the future holds for the platform.

Jay’s journey has led him on many twists and turns. He discusses how he was able to turn the bumps in the road in to learning experiences that allowed him to get to where he is today.

A huge proponent of attention for merit, Jay believes that the young people of today should admire the grit, determination and intelligence of entrepreneurs as they do the exploits of athletes. After listening to this frank and insightful conversation between

Roshawnna and Jay, you’ll no doubt be convinced that Jay makes a great point!

Roshawnna and Jay discuss:

  • [2:00] How Jay got his start as an entrepreneur.
  • [13:00] How to persevere as an entrepreneur when the odds are against you.
  • [15:00] How Jay’s platform RYSE allows creative types to realize their visions while getting paid.
  • [17:00] The value that mentorship has been in Jay’s work and in his life.
  • [19:00] The importance of seeing the forest for the trees. Jay speaks of an instance in which he took a pay cut in order to work with someone that he could learn from.
  • [20:30] How a difficult time in Jay’s career becomes a great learning experience.
  • [25:00] How the ups and downs of Jay’s career have led him to where he is today.
  • [26:00] Jay outlines the importance of wearing many hats in a startup environment.
  • [33:30] On making new friends: Jay speaks on the importance of networking for success.
  • [37:00] Dealing with rejection while raising capital.
  • [44:30] Some advice for founders that feel that they are ready to begin raising capital. 


Jay's episode was recorded via my iPhone. Check out our behind the scenes interaction for more.