EnrichHer Edition: Healthier and Happier with Jing Carter-Lu


On our Enrich Her edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, today we have Jing Kālu who has created an innovative air filtration company. During our interview Jing talks about why she decided to venture into entrepreneurship. In her own words: Going green has always been on my mind.....doing something to make people healthier and happier, creating a system to help people live healthier and happier is the inspiration behind her being an entrepreneur. 

Jing shares with us happening in her company that has her excited, from creating a more efficient air filtration system to pitching for investors for startup funding as she is actively trying to get capital to expand her company recently. By investing her own money she has been able to get a patent and finished the production process of the air filtration system and now is looking for a new way to expand. 

Every entrepreneur has had to overcome some form of obstacle or the other and Jing is no different as she has had to invest her retirement funds to start up the company and keep it going and attend meetings to market her product to prospective clients. Today her company is able to create any number of products of each model upon request. Jing also tells us how we can help make her multi-million dollar project a success. 

Roshawnna and Jing Carter-Ludiscuss: 
[01:43] Jing talks to us about why she decided to become an entrepreneur. 
[02:38] Jing tells us what is going on in her company that has her excited at the moment. 
[03:12] We talk about investments and expanding her business. 
[04:00] Jing shares with us obstacles she has had to overcome as an entrepreneur. 
[05:07] We learn how we can all pitch in to help support the business right now.


Jing  Lu  founded  the  company –  Healthier  &  Happier,  Inc. on  July  2nd, 2003. Webuild  a  bridge  between  America  and  China  to  provide  international  trade  (Export  & Import)  services, help  business  to  communicate  with  each  other  on  both  sides, and eliminate   the   transaction   risk.Jing   Lu   understands   the   P. R.   China’s Business Regulation well so that could help clients to avoid extra fees.    The company launched a website – www.healthier-happier.com in March 2006.   
Jing  Lu  takes  contracted  job  and/or  temporary  job  to  cover living  and  business expenses.          
In July 2009, Jing Lu invented the Pro Air Filter product series and applied the patent titled “Economic  Air  Filter  for  Household”.    She  identified  the  problem  that  those currently in the Market’s Air Filters are metal net glued on the non-woven filtering fibers.   The mixtures waste of metal, non-woven fibers/or glass fiber are very hard for the nature to  digest/dissolve  to  soil.Therefore,  her  goal  is  creating  Green  products.    We  use paper  fibers  to  create  the  Two-Way  Air  Filtration  Sheet,  so  the  whole  used  Air  Filter could be recycled as paper.   
In  June  2010, the  new  Pro  Air  Filter  (high  filtration type)  have been  developed  and passed USA’s ASHRAE Standard Test. In 2011-2014, Jing Lu become Manufacturer’s Representative for Schaeffer Mfg. Co. and Distributor for Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co.        In Sept. 2012, Jing Lu completed the CIP Patent Application with a Patent Lawyer’s help for the Eco-safe Air Filter project.        
In  Oct.  2013,  Jing  Lu’s  Innovation  Eco-safe  Air  Filter  project  helped  the  company win the “2013 Top 3 Asian American Business Award”. In Feb. 2014,  Jing  Lu  increased the company’s stock face  value to one  million after completing all the R&D work for the Eco-safe Air Filter products.        
On    March    3rd,    2015,    Jing    Carter-Lu    established    the    Eco-safe    Air    Filter Manufacturing  Co.  by  registering  it  with  the  IRS.And  the  registration  with  State  of Georgia was done in July 2015.        
In  May  2016,  we  have  the “System,  method  and  devices  for  air  filtration”  patent granted with Patent# 9,352,259 for our 2 past patent applications by USPTO.    We work on marketing and pre-selling to get the manufacturing business up and running.