Advocate with Joel Dixon

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Born in the projects in Atlanta, he always had a strong love for family. Years later he attended Stanford University and majored in symbolic systems. Though he always has a love for sales and community investment, he looks forward to the reset afforded by extended vacations and service trips to Haiti, India and Costa Rica.

His vision is for an inclusive world and now he is an entrepreneur, investor, and community advocate.


Joel and I met in 1998 when he was at Stanford and I was at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He helped me start a chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers on campus and encouraged me to travel around the world on Semester at Sea.


Joel Dixon is co-founder of Bootstrap Capital Founding Partner/President of Catalyst Investment Partners, a boutique business development and investment company that aggregates capital for investments in emerging intown Atlanta real estate markets and early stage startup ventures. 

He is also co-founder of Educate Haiti Now, a nonprofit focused on addressing access and quality of education in Haiti.  Joel has a Bachelors degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University and over 12 years of sales and business development experience in financial services, real estate and enterprise software. He has studied in China, traveled the world and has a global perspective, however, he has an Atlanta focus and a bias toward Action.

behind the scenes:

Joel's episode was recorded via video Skype. Check out our behind the scenes interaction for more.