EnrichHER Edition: Imagination Beyond Boundaries with Lalanya Abner


On our EnrichHer edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus today we have a new entrepreneur who has curated an awesome series of stories representing people of color: Lalanya Abner. She shares with us more about herself and what led her to become an entrepreneur. She says: I think entrepreneurship honestly was in my blood, being something that has always been in her family from before she was born, she’s is a natural at it. Being raised in a family of entrepreneurs doesn’t deter her as she plans to carve a name for herself. 

She tells that the inspiration behind her stories has always been children, she noticed that children of color were mostly underrepresented in the choice of available play material for children. Being an artist/creator/writer herself and with the help of friends they decided to solve a need. With an awesome educative series, they aim to teach children of color how to be entrepreneurs themselves. Presently parents can find this book on Amazon and on their website.  

It hasn’t been all easy though and she had some obstacles which she shares with us along with how she was able to overcome and learn from them. She sees success as having created a culture for young children they can be proud of, bridging the gap for children of color.  Her stories are having an impact in Atlanta and hopes to leave a legacy for children of color through legacy planning and succession planning.  

"Spread the word" is what she has to say on how we can help to make her books a success. 

Lalanya Abner and Roshawnna Novellusdiscuss:
[01:42] Lalanya talks more about herself and what led her into entrepreneurship.  
[02:46] We get to know the inspirations behind her beautiful stories. 
[05:45] Lalanya and Roshawnna talk about obstacles and difficulties she faced in this business. 
[06:44] Lalanya answers the question what does success look like for your business.
[09:19] We get to know what we can do to support this initiative.


Lalanya Abner is a graduate of Howard University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a focus in Acting/Directing and minor in Philosophical Arts. She’s had the pleasure of studying side by side with established actors, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Chadwick Bosmen, Taraji P. Henson and Laz Alonso.

Lalanya is the creator of Imagine Beyond Boundaries’ Young Indigo series of books and content. She also founded and ran the top acting workshop in Atlanta, THE ALCHEMY OF ACTING for serious emerging artist who is dedicated to growing in their craft and committed to pursuing their passion for performance in film/tv/stage.

Lalanya studied with Cirque Du Soleil performance coach Shelley Lynn at the Vision Space. After exploring the creative works of Cirque Du Soleil and learning how to create live performances at that level; her natural next steps were to produce, write and direct. She began embarking on this journey by shadowing such greats as John Ridley, John Singleton and Mara Brock- Akil to absorb the teachings of the masters.

In 2008 Lalanya founded the AOA Studios by combining her training in meta-cognitive learning skills with her background in film and theater as a way to increase literacy and learning for children in under-resourced communities. Through the use of film and performance art she created an innovative approach to learning. Lalanya’s work introduced children to the concept of thinking about how they learn. This helps the child to better understand their unique style of learning new concepts. This increases self-awareness and sparks a sense of self-confidence. Her children’s learning lab “Welcome to Your Show” is a big hit with parents and teachers. The lab involved learning on multi- dimensional levels; think about it, express it, write it and demonstrate it. The lab helped to enhance and expand the reading, learning and social/emotional development skills needed for children to thrive.