EnrichHER Edition: Girls Going Global with Martice Sutton


On our EnrichHer edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we have Martice Sutton the founder of Girls Going Global explains the reason behind her business, how she came up with the idea and what made her venture into entrepreneurship. A former international studies major, Martice always knew she wanted to make an impact in the community.

After graduating from Spelman College she worked abroad on social enterprise in India where she worked with several girls organizations and decided that she wanted to do something to expose girls form her home town to the different cultures and experiences all over the world and created the startup company: Girls Going Global. Martice describes her initiative as a no-vacation experience, exposing girls to global cultures, global issues and ensuring they know that there is more to the world than their immediate community. 

Martice shares with us happenings in her business that has got her excited with over 40 girls coming from all over the country with plans of visiting new places and encountering their very first world wonder. She also shares the grand vision for Girls Going Global where she would love to see various chapters all over the country and being able to expose more girls to global experiences. 

Every entrepreneur is a problem solver and Martice is no exception, during our interview she shares with us several challenges she has had to overcome and how she learnt from them. Girls Going Global also has a huge impact in Atlanta with plans of engaging more Atlanta girls through education and opportunity creation. Martice also shares with us the ways we can help support her initiative and ensure it becomes a success. 

Roshawnna and Martice Sutton discuss: 
[01:50] Martice tells us more about what Girls Going Global is, how she came up with the idea and what led her into entrepreneurship. 
[03:00] We get to know more on why it’s important to expose girls to cultures of different countries. 
[03:40] Martice shares with us happenings in her business that has her excited at the moment. 
[04:56] We get to learn about challenges which Martice has faced with starting up Girls Going Global. 
[05:41] Martice answers the question How is your business impacting Atlanta?
[06:18] Martice shows us how we can help support her vision for Girls Going Global


A rising non-profit leader, professional speaker, and consultant Martice Sutton, is a woman who lives a life of passion and purpose. The globetrotter’s passion for all things international has taken her from Johannesburg to Istanbul to Paris and back. It was while working to create better experiences for young girls in India, that Sutton realized young African-American girls in America, needed someone to champion their causes too.

Sutton’s fierce desire to explore every inch of the planet also served as the catalyst for what is known today as Girls Going Global, a growing non-profit organization designed to expose and empower African-American girls through travel and cultural exchange

A passionate speaker, Martice engages audiences on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, to philanthropy, and travel. She’s delivered inspiring messages at Spelman College, the Women In Travel Summit, and a host of middle and high schools. Martice has been recognized for her remarkable work by the White House United State of Woman as a Changemaker, The Travel Channel, Black Enterprise, Centric TV, Marie Claire, and Black Enterprise.

Martice earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College and Masters of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.