EnrichHER Edition: Events for Less Marketing with Mia Martin


On this Enrich Her edition episode of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we are continuing our quest to highlight the most amazing women led enterprises within the city of Atlanta. Today we have Mia Martin the founder and CEO of Events for Less Marketing who in this insightful interview tells us more about her business and how she became an entrepreneur.  
Starting out in corporate sales and marketing about 14 years ago, Mia always knew she had that entrepreneurial spirit. Her opportunity came when she went back to school for digital marketing at General Assembly where she became passionate about digital marketing.  

By blending her digital marketing knowledge and corporate sales experience, Mia has been able to create opportunities not only for herself but also for small business owners. No surprise that she’s excited about helping small businesses grow, by developing the strategy they need with a mix of marketing to make their businesses a success.  

We get to see how Mia has been able to differentiate her services and grow in her niche. In her words: I make sure that I do it right. Her trick she says is by performing premium level services and with a strong work history showcasing her skills. Success for Mia would be to help as many small businesses as she can, and she also tells us how we can make Events for Less marketing a success. 

Roshawnna and Mia Martin discuss: 
[00:48] Mia tells us more about her business and how she became an entrepreneur. 
[01:36] Mia explains the importance of marketing for small startup businesses. 
[02:15] Mia shares with us what is happing in her business that has her excited at the moment. 
[03:12] We learn how Mia has been able to set her set apart in the marketing industry and create her own niche. 
[03:44] Mia tells us what success means to her in her business. 
[04:00] Here we see what we can all to help make Mia’s business a success.


Mia Martin is a certified Digital Marketer with over 15 years of sales, marketing, and training experience. She specializes in Digital Marketing Training for small businesses and corporate clients while demonstrating her talents through her Atlanta-based Digital Marketing & Event Design Agency, Events for Less Marketing.

Mia has an MBA in Global Business and BS in Merchandising Management. She is a proud member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, a Regional Officer for the Network of Executive Women, Volunteer Director of Marketing for SCORE Atlanta and Digital Marketing Strategist for the Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project. Mia also enjoys being actively involved with several local community and faith-based organizations.