EnrichHER Edition: Diversity Photos with Nicole Carter


Today on our EnrichHer edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we have Nicole, a co-founder of Diversity Photos based in Atlanta. Nicole talks to us about her experiences as an entrepreneur describing how she found a need and was able to solve it by being innovative and thinking outside the box. Nicole starts by telling us why Diversity Photos are important and why she decided to become an entrepreneur.  

Nicole who is an Atlanta native started out in economic development and thereafter made her way to Atlanta where she decided to step out on her own and create a digital marketing firm.  During the course of her business she discovered that there was a significant need for images containing more diversity content which could not be easily gotten from traditional stock photo websites. This gave birth to Diversity Photos and along with three other co-founders they have been able to create a platform to solve the need that she and her clients were experiencing. 

When asked what has got her excited about Diversity Photos right now, Nicole admits that their idea has successfully taken off a lot faster than they expected, presently they have over 20,000 images on their website and are processing about another 100,000 more. According to Nicole, success for Diversity Photos would mean creating a community of tens of thousands of photographers and becoming a household name for professional diversity images.  

Diversity Photos is also having an impact in Atlanta according to Nicole mostly in the photography community as well as the model community. By giving unknown photographers and models the opportunity to showcase their craft. Nicole also share with us some obstacles she has overcome during the course of her entrepreneurial career and business. 

Roshawnna and Nicole discuss: 
[01:48] Nicole tells us more about why Diversity Photos are important and why she decided to be an entrepreneur.  
[03:07] Nicole gives us a sneak peak on happening at Diversity Photos that has her excited. 
[03:50] Roshawnna asks Nicole what success looks like for Diversity Photos. 
[04:38] Nicole tells us what impact Diversity Photos has had in Atlanta. 
[05:58] Nicole shares with us an obstacle she has overcome and how that helped her leverage her business. 
[07:23] Nicole tells us what listeners and readers can do right now to help make Diversity Photos a  success.


Native Atlantan, Nicole Carter, has a wealth of business experience from roles in industries such as economic development to film & entertainment. She also founded her own marketing firm where she and her team quickly scaled to serving Fortune 500 companies such as Delta Airlines and Georgia Power, to name a few. 

It was through her experience as a marketer that she identified the persistent but unfulfilled need for diverse stock images. In 2016, along with three co-founders, she decided to fill that gap by launching DiversityPhotos.com. The online stock photography platform focuses on providing images that represent diversity in the areas of race and ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation,spirituality, age and size.