Be Strategic like Roshell Rosemond Rinkins


Roshell and I met through a mutual friend. Roshell was interested in joining the Pipeline Angels program and wanted a personal connection. I am grateful for meeting Roshell.


Roshell Rosemond Rinkins is the type of entrepreneur that is interested in more than just personal gain. Roshell wants to see her product empower and enliven its users. Roshell is the woman behind Liquid Courage, a unique line of beauty products that aim to compliment the modern woman on the go.

Roshell has worked against the odds to make Liquid Courage a success, and in her discussion with Roshawnna, she outlines insights in to how she made it happen.

Roshell is the type of hard-working, DIY entrepreneur that so many young people yearn to be. The wisdom that she shares in this podcast is invaluable, and a special deal offer from Roshell for Liquid Courage products is the cherry on the cake for this great conversation!

Roshawnna and Roshell discuss:

  • 3:00 Roshell discusses how she got her start as an entrepreneur. 
  • 7:00 The importance of community building. 
  • 10:00 Roshell recognized the need for her business in the beauty space. 
  • 13:00 How empowerment for women inspired Roshell to create Liquid Courage. 
  • 15:00 The experiences that brought Roshell to where she is today. 
  • 17:00 The importance of mentorship to Roshell’s path. 
  • 21:00 Education as a launch-pad for an entrepreneurial career. 
  • 23:00 Using education as a resource for networking. 
  • 25:00 Career decision making and planning. 
  • 26:30 The benefits of bootstrapping vs. gaining funding. 
  • 28:00 What makes Liquid Courage unique. 
  • 31:00 Community building and how it effects your brand and your business. 
  • 33:33 Outsourcing work and team building to hit goals. 
  • 35:00 The importance of creating a work/life balance. 
  • 40:00 A special offer and a piece of advice from Roshell.  


Roshell Rosemond Rinkins is a global strategic sourcing business leader with diverse business leadership experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industry segments. As Founder of Liquid Courage Cosmetics, LLC, Roshell leads a world­class beauty lifestyle movement providing high­ quality lip products and beauty education for time deprived, high potential women on the go. The Ft. Lauderdale native brings more than a decade of strategic sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management experience honed at some of the nation's top companies including Apple, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs. 

Roshell currently serves on the board of Pentorship, and previously served on the boards of Carl H. Linder YMCA, and served as the first Economic Development Chair of the Cincinnati Young Professionals Kitchen Cabinet. She earned an MBA from Florida A&M University. Roshell is also a member of the Pipeline Angels Silicon Valley 2016 cohort. Her expertise has been featured in various media outlets including the Huffington Post, the Miami Herald, EURweb, among others