Startup Funding with Ryan Wilson



After completing his law degree from Georgetown University, Ryan knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. What he didn't know was that it was going to take $3 Million to realize his dream. He gave it everything he had get the capital required to realize his dream. Now just over a year later, The Gathering Spot has taken over as one of the premier private club experiences of Atlanta.


Ryan and I met as a business roundtable for progress for the City of Atlanta. At that time, I had no idea how humble, connected and inspiring he was. We've joined forces to host events and run into each other at startup events frequently.

Show Notes

This episode of StartUp Funding features Ryan Wilson co-founder and CEO of The Gathering Spot.  This lawyer turned co-working space owner shares his entrepreneurial journey from identifying a need to raising $3 million in funding.  

Wilson, an Atlanta native, discusses the struggle of finding a place to work and hold meetings when he was working in the community while attending Georgetown University and Georgetown University Law Center.  This struggle birthed the idea for The Gathering Spot.  He goes on to share the many lessons he learned such as what to pitch instead of your business idea, developing a working business model, knowing your business inside and out as well as,  understanding the industry landscape and your competition.

“Get started, listen to feedback from potential investors and don’t get discouraged” is just some of Wilson’s advice for other start-ups looking to raise funds.  Additional recommendations include: making time for doing things you love, an excellent book to read, the best advice he’s ever received and how to deal with the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Wilson charges entrepreneurs “When you’re thinking about starting a business – there’s no one more capable than you to start it. A lot of times people wait around for the perfect moment or the perfect partner to start a business and, as a person that started one, I can tell you that person – or moment will likely not exist at the perfect time. Stars are not aligned that way… So, if you have an idea, go build that thing!”

 Ryan Wilson’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, continuing to learn new things and boldness to pursue a vision.

Roshawnna and Ryan discuss:

  • [4:26] Identifying the need for an alternative work and social space
  • [11:05] Raising $3 million in funding
  • [6:13] Many lessons he learned about being an entrepreneur
  • [13:11] Ryan’s advice for other start-ups looking to raise funds
  • [19:46] The best advice he’s ever received
  • [18:25] How to deal with the highs and lows of entrepreneurship 


Ryan Wilson is CEO and Co-founder of The Gathering Spot. In this role he is responsible for the club's overall management and strategic vision. A lawyer by training, Wilson founded the company with his co-founder, TK Petersen, after identifying the need for a space for professionals of all backgrounds to have a private membership experience that spoke to their business and social interests.