EnrichHER Edition: She Unites with Shade Smith


Today on our EnrichHer edition of StartUp Funding hosted by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus we have Shade Smith who tells us more about why she decided to become an entrepreneur and what gave her the idea behind her clothing company She Unites. While trying to feel comfortable with her clothing styles as a lover of active gear, Shade Smith wanted to be able to seamlessly transition between her day to day activities and decided to create a platform which extends from fashion into a means of helping women achieve their goals and balance their lives. 

Shade Smith shares with us things she has been working on that has her excited including trying to get funding for her business and getting the name and brand to the mainstream so it gets easily recognizable. On the question of what success looks like for She Unites, Shade Smith sees success as a united front of women pushing the idea of feminism in a positive light and getting women to step outside their comfort zone and make a big mark on the society. 

When creating She Unites, Shade Smith had some challenges which she shares with us and also how she overcame them. One of which is having a busy schedule and having to balance various activities at once without being stressed out. Shade Smith also share with us what we can all do to make sure that She Unites is successful. 

Roshawnna and Shade Smith discuss: 
[01:40] Shade Smith tells us more about why she decided to become an entrepreneur and what gave her the idea behind her clothing company. 
[02:50] We get to learn what is going on with She Unites right now that has Shade Smith excited. 
[03:21] Shade Smith gets to answer the question What does success look like for you?
[04:40] Shade Smith shares with us obstacles she has overcome and what she learnt from that experience. 
[05:48] Here we see what impact She Unites has on the city of Atlanta. 
[06:40] Shade Smith tells us how we can help make her vision for She Unites a reality.


Growing up in athletics my entire life, I was always in gym wear regardless of the type of environment I was in (gym, school, running errands, eating out). I also find that more and more women are busier in their day to day lives but also want to be comfortable while navigating on a daily basis. Being more health conscious and eco friendly has become the norm in today's society and women are wanting to contribute without taking extra time out in their day.

She Unites targets three goals in one outfit.
- An outfit with functionality that is artisan made with fabric that has a longer lifespan.
- positively impacting the environment by investing in eco friendly and sustainable fabric
- being able to give back (since proceeds of each sale go to SheUnites.org) to other women and girls through the She Unites organization that provides programs and resources to others so that they can reach their full potential.