EnrichHER Edition: Carver's Produce with Yasmeen Sabir

Personal Story

Our Founder, Yasmeen Sabir has over a decade of social justice experience as a community organizer. She was a youth advocate for social justice in San Diego, California and remained an advocate while attending college at Tuskegee University; where she served as Programs and Research chair for the NAACP. While pursuing her degree in Sales and Marketing; she served as lead supply chain analyst with Union Pacific and Hyundai. In 2012, she conducted agricultural economics research to develop a viable solution to increase healthy food products in low access areas.

Upon graduation in 2013, she was hired by RBS Realty Group in East Point, Georgia as property manager. It was through this role she kept encountering blighted communities where fresh food wasn't accessible. This increased her passion to help strengthen Atlanta’s food system through affordable food access. Since 2013, Yasmeen has served as project manager on (4) community garden projects and developed three (3) food distribution sites in Metro Atlanta where food is distributed to families bi-weekly, year around.