Startup Funding was created so that you could learn from the most successful angel investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Your next step is to apply this information to your specific process.  After you complete these courses, entrepreneurs will be able to pitch to investors, and investors will be able to evaluate companies.  

Learn how to successfully pitch to investors

To have the ear of the investor you must understand how your business adds value to the investor.  In this course your will learn how to find target investors in your domain, a systematic way to build relationships with investors, and how to position yourself to add value to your intended investor.

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learn how to set up a process to evaluate businesses

To be a prudent investor, you need to be on top of your investment thesis, due diligence process, understand valuation methods and understand how to review terms sheets. Beyond liking a business idea, moving from an opportunistic investor to a disciplined investor typically increases return by 7X.

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